Melody Weig, BGS, SCM, DHyp

midwiferry practice london birth rites This is a very special time in your life. As an independent midwife, my role is to build your confidence to give birth and parent instinctively by sharing with you my own confidence, knowledge and experience as a professional and a mother. I love the work I do knowing I can make a difference, one pregnancy, one birth, one baby, at a time.


I am an experienced midwife and have worked independently providing continuity of care to families since 1981. I specialise in home birth, water birth and vaginal birth following caesarean (VBAC), and offer support to those women wanting to give birth in hospital. I have also provide care for women choosing to birth at home with twins or a baby in a breech position.


I have been teaching couples how to prepare for this big event since 1983. I now offer the Labour Rehearsal Workshop to explore all the possibilities of how couples can work together through the stages of labour.


My care provides a complete midwifery service for pregnancy, birth, recovery and baby care, centred on your individual needs.


I am also a clinical hypnotherapist and offer all clients the opportunity to use hypnosis in preparation for labour and birth.


Free birth pools are also offered as I have seen the benefits of water in making labour easier.


Both hypnosis and birth pools have been researched and shown to shorten labour and to reduce the need for pain relief and interventions.


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